SOAP SUBSCRIPTION BOX - Two natural soap bars sent monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly

Helping Local Homeless & Reducing Waste

It’s thanks to the Whitstable Whistler that I found out about the Haven Project & last week I made the first donation of surplus soap. Yesterday I heard that their guests had been using these soap bars in the shower. I feel very moved by this bit of info since self care is for all 💚. Looking after ones body & keeping yourself clean are basics that create better health, dignity & are intrinsically linked to self compassion, this has nothing to do with affluence or class & everything to do with being human. One of my aims with Bohemia & Flower is to enable people to elevate the everyday, simple pleasures, whatever the everyday may look like. I hope this is the first of many donations, but most of all I hope that society can get to a place where projects like this are no longer needed. 

CTiW Haven Project is run by Whitstable churches, it provides support to homeless & vulnerable people in Whitstable with a dedicated space in the heart of Whitstable to eat, wash, access clean clothes, bedding & speak to a support worker. Read about the project in their own words here. There are a number of ways YOU can help support the project including; volunteering your time, donating some money, donating items. Currently they are in need of; toothpaste, deodorant, sun hats, tinned food with ring pull openings, bags of rice, bottled water (wouldn’t it be great if every town had water fountains for free drinking & refilling bottles). 

They are open for drop in sessions (& donations) every Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon from 2pm to 4pm at St John's Methodist Church Wesley Hall, Argyle Road, Whitstable CT5 1JS




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