Staycation Nation

Although it’s now possible to travel abroad for summer holidays in 2021, I am sure I’m not alone in choosing to staycation in the UK. With a growing awareness of the environmental impact of unrestricted air travel & the forced ‘homecationing’ imposed on us through Covid lockdowns, perhaps I’m also not alone in realising I have emerged from 2020 with a different set of priorities.

The British Isles is so beautiful & so varied, granted there’s the weather, but really, unless you truly are a sun-worshipper isn’t the drama & changeability of our native weather part of the experience? The Norwegian saying “Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlig klær!” "there is no bad weather, only bad clothes!" seems like a fitting mantra for the staycation nation choosing to spend our free time exploring the UK. Just remember to pack a woolly hat, factor 50 & a raincoat, all will be well!

I was lucky enough to enjoy short holidays in Wales & Cornwall during 2020, getting away when allowed & relishing the freedom to travel like never before. I felt like a child excited on Christmas Eve, reconnecting with places familiar from my childhood & enjoying a wilder style of holiday, cooking & eating outdoors, staying in a variety of tents, yurts, & cabins.

The newest part of my business is supplying unique holiday lets with guest soap, half sized bars perfect for a family on holiday with zero plastic packaging & zero waste from the bars. If you’re looking to book a short break this year do take a look at the following;

Meadow Nest, Whitstable, Kent

Pitfield Barn B&B, Albourne, West Sussex

The Little House, Broadstairs, Kent

Happy Staycations x 

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