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Sally from Salon du Salle has taken the time to write her guide to finding hidden treasures by shopping secondhand. This is something really important to me (I’m now into my 14th month of only buying secondhand clothing) not only is it a far more sustainable way of living, but it’s far more exciting too, you simply NEVER know what you will find next! 

Salon du Salle is run by natural magpie, photographer, writer & cook Sally Gurteen, she sells the secondhand treasures she finds, both clothing & vintage home-wear through her Instagram account @salondusalle every Sunday & if there’s something you have on your wish list she runs a bespoke service too. With shops set to reopen in April I can’t wait to see what she uncovers next! Read on for her shopping guide...

There are lots of ways and places that I like to look for treasures and will often choose a place on the map and make a whole day out of it, although not driving limits me to public transport, my backpack and my trusty trolley, Eulalia. More often that not though, I find the majority of my items through perseverance and following the tricks below. I hope they help you, too!

1) If you pass a charity shop on a regular route, pop in every single time, more than once a day. I was once panic-looking for a dress to wear to a wedding reception that evening and it wasn’t until I was walking home late in the afternoon, defeated, that I took one last look in a place I had been that morning. Tucked away on the rail I had been rifling through only hours before, I found a beautiful, new Whistles dress in my size for £10. This has since been one of my best ways of finding treasures for Salon du Salle.

2) Be thorough. Check once. Check twice. Check all different departments. And check again. That Whistles dress I mentioned in tip one? It was on a hanger underneath a leather jacket.

3) When it comes to clothes particularly, don’t limit yourself to just looking for your size. Scale down one size (some brands are generous with their sizing) and up to three sizes bigger. You will have a much wider range to choose from.

4) Always check the men’s department! They often have beautiful leather brogues, great granddad sandals, and wonderfully roomy jumpers and cardigans. Even a bow tie makes a great accessory around your neck, wrist, or hair.

5) Don’t just go into your local charity shops. If you’re on a road trip and know you’ll be passing through small towns or villages, set off a little early so that you have plenty of time to pull in and pop in. I don’t drive, so I like to get a day rider on the buses and hop on and off when I need to. Seriously, go into every single charity shop you see.

Things are a little sparse over at Salon du Salle at the moment owing to the pandemic, but I hope to be back in the spring with plenty to share. If there’s anything you’re looking for, just let me know and I’ll be sure to keep my eyes and ears open for you.

Sally, x

Read more from Sally (delicious recipes & words) on her website here.

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  • What a brilliant post! I have been shopping like this for years, albeit not ‘consciously’ so. I love a charity shop or dress agency. A firm favourite is The Clothes Line in Wincheap, Canterbury. And I love a non-local charity shop – always allow extra time to trawl! And recycle as much as possible through charity shops too. 💜 Will never look at a trolley in the same way again!😆

    Fliss Foster

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