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Eco Friendly Soap

We make

  • vegan bar soap
  • that’s free from Palm Oil
  • using plant based ingredients
  • & no cruelty (no animal testing)
  • we dont use ANY additives
  • no SLS / no parabens
  • no mica (used by lots of brands to make bold colours)
  • no artificial colours
  • no artificial fragrance
  • no parfum (often used as a term to disguise what’s really in a skin product)
  • our soap is river friendly & water friendly (all the ingredients are plant based & will naturally biodegrade)
  • using responsibly sourced ingredients
  • using organic coconut oil (it’s the base of all the eco soap we make)
  • using pure essential oil blends
We believe selfcare & wellbeing starts with the self & ripples out into everything else, once you start with a few sustainable swaps, before you know it life looks a whole lot greener. Bohemia & Flower soap was started by Katy who has dermatitis, lots of products effect her skin, including liquid soap & shower gel, but she happily uses Bohemia & Flower natural soap.


Plastic Free Soap

We are committed to
  • using fully compostable & biodegradable packaging (put the paper bag, including the label in your home compost bin or in your food waste collection bin)
  • offering packaging free vegan soap, check out our package free shop, handmade soap sold bare & naked 👌🏻 
  • using zero plastic in our packaging & manufacturing process
  • & very minimal plastic packaging of ingredients from our suppliers (plastic only ever enters the business as wrap for some ingredients or as plastic bottles, all of which we then recycle/repurpose)
  • we use wooden moulds not silicone (it’s actually the norm for soap makers to use silicone these days)
  • we use paper parchment to line our moulds, this means you may sometimes see fold or crease marks in our bars, we don’t see this as an imperfection, rather as an expression of our values & the unique nature of our sustainable soap. We compost this paper, it makes the worms & plants very happy
  • we recycle plastic containers from our friends at Wasted Kitchen, instead of buying plastic bowls to make our vegan soaps we repurpose their catering sized food tubs & use these to blend & make the soap

Our footprint

We are also

  • a low energy business, as a handmade soap company we use a traditional method known as the cold process, we use VERY little energy to make our vegan soap, a little heat to get the oils warm & the rest is a natural process, it kind of ‘cooks’ itself
  • working towards being even more proactive with waste by utilising waste food products in our handmade soaps, watch this space
  • looking forward to growing the business organically & introducing more of the products we love to use in our zero waste shop

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