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A Herb Growers Year ~ June

June - the perfect month for re-sowing quick growing herbs and salad leaves.

It's fair to say May was unseasonably cold and wet this year. Many plants, whilst enjoying the rain, struggled somewhat to emerge with vigour and others, unfortunately, seem to have been lost to the harshness and length of winter. All that said late spring is fully in swing now and May culminated with a spectacular and powerful supermoon.
Gardening by the phases of the moon is an age old tradition and one that is said to help seeds to germinate faster, plants to grow more quickly, alter moisture levels in the soil, and aid plants in enjoying all round better health.
Herbs such as sage and lavender share a particularly strong connection to lunar phases - the moon's energy aiding their medicinal and healing properties.
If you are tempted to experiment with this method there are vast amounts of information on it, but as a very rough guide sow crops that grow below ground with the new moon on the 10th of June and those that grow above ground in the days leading up to the full moon on the 24th June.
What else is happening in June? We are approaching the the summer solstice marking the longest day, which somehow seems hard to believe!! This month provides our first tastes of summer with juicy, sweet strawberries and peas fresh from their pods, both delicious when eaten with the now abundantly growing mint. Herbs such as woodruff, painted sage and lavender are sitting pretty in full bloom, and butterflies begin to emerge.
This month is the time to re-sow quick growing herbs such as coriander, summer savory and basil, along with salad leaves. With regards to vegetables runner beans, squashes and pumpkins can now be planted and if the days & nights are set mild all of these can be sown directly in the ground. 
Words & Images by Laura who grows herbs & many other things at Edible Culture

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