Where there’s soap there’s hope

Ever had a moment where you feel like something has clicked? A seed of an idea is sown & the details take root? Well that happened to me this year.

2020 is, I think it’s fair to say, an extremely strange year, a rollercoaster year, full of fear & anxiety, beauty & hope. Activities, words, sentences that would have seemed odd in 2019 are now new normal. Life has taken a strange turn & all of this tends to lead to a shift in perspective.

During the first UK lockdown in March I saw a poster printed by Some Good Ideas with the words ‘Where there’s soap there’s hope’. It resonated so deeply with me, I had a feeling of being helpless & I wanted to turn it around, empower myself, do something positive & proactive. And with no places to go & not many people to see, I had lots of quiet time alone to think on it. I decided to start making soap.

In April I was gifting bars to friends & family, testing & formulating recipes until I was happy with the results. By August I had a collection of recipes ready to be certified. Despite the challenges of Covid 19 & the nagging doubt that starting a small business during a world pandemic may simply be a crazy idea, I am holding fast to the idea that what I am doing is full of hope. Thank you Some Good Ideas!

Image credits Seamus Monaghan, Charles Gladstone @somegoodideas_

https://www.somegoodideas.co.uk is run by The Good life Experience

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